Marcello Vandelli is a notable Artist ruling from Modena, Italy. Modena has eminently birthed many greats; Mary of Modena, Luciano Pavarotti, Mirella Freni and none other than fulfiller of midlife male fantasy himself, Mr Enzo Ferrari. We can appreciate that Modena has many great things to offer and we are intrigued to further investigate the greatness of the Vandelli brand. Within the confinement of the European elitist artistic establishment, Marcello’s work has been captured as a form of “deconstructed deconstruction.” To break down the “code” or unravel what “it” is about a Vandelli painting, is to dive deeply and swim or sink through life. His work is occupied with the uncontrollable past, the unquiet present, and the unforeseeable future. The circle of life, life’s revolving door.  Each of us lives in a piece of Vandelli’s art. Marcello’s ability to intuit people is a blessing, it is the mark which distinguishes all artists. Demons and Angels, Anchors and Oceans, Heaven and Earth, Women and Men, Crucifixion and Freedom, Children and Innocence, Business and Pleasure – his dominant themes are as old as time immemorial but they carry a representation of truth. A Vandelli painting has its own signature scent and this is what makes it a work of art.


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